Windsurf school and rental

in one of the best spots in Europe
Other nearby spots: Stagnone, Capo Feto, Tonnarella, Magaggiari

The school, one of the best in Italy, under the guidance of Italian Wave Champion Francesco Cappuzzo (I 333) will teach you from the first steps to the most extreme freestyle and wave maneuvers.

L’a.s.d. Reef equipped with RRD material of the current year will guide you with instructors and qualified personnel in choosing the right equipment and your learning retention. You can also have a guide available to accompany you to other nearby spots to get out in all conditions, from wave spots to where you can wave to freezing freestyle and freeride water.

The “Puzziteddu” gulf is located between Cape Granitola (Faro) and a picturesque sea cliff.

The spot is sandy for about 150-200 meters, while E (Tre Fontane) and O (Cape Granitola-Kartibubbo) has two rocky reefs called “Reef Point” and “Granite Point”, where the wave it becomes regular and ideal for the wave. The water is crystal clear and when the wave breaks are of blue-green color while the wind that invests the crest forms with the foam a tall and uniform mustache.

In winter with blowing winds with an average intensity of 20-25 kn and 1 to 3 m wave, ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing are created. In the summer, however, in the absence of disturbances, a NW thermal wind is generated with a minimum intensity of 12-14 kn, which can also reach 20-28 kn with low wind forecasts from NW, generating ideal conditions for freestyle, freeride, kite and learning all disciplines.

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